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Advanced Reading Concepts - Speed Reading Plus

Student Testimonials

"Great class, great techniques. Wish we had more time to cover all concepts and dig in. But provides a nice preview and opportunity to follow up with Bonnie for a session."

- Daniela O., seminar student (Corporate Courses)

Advanced Reading Concepts

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1826 Glenn Ave., Columbus, OH 43212 www.arcspeedreading.com

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Speed Reading Courses for the Competitive Edge

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About Our Speed Reading Classes
Real Instruction--For Real Results

The competitive edge in a competitive world.  
Come to Ohio for a small, public speed reading class where our lessons provide adults and teens the expert coaching necessary to change a lifetime of slow reading--or arrange for us to conduct our course at YOUR LOCATION and teach your associates Reading Management.

All of our speedreading courses and seminars provide tools for reading faster and understanding more. Our students learn visual techniques to see more words at once and mental strategies for focusing on concepts and ideas rather than individual words.

Which speed reading format is right for you?Studying on the computer for college classes

Public Speed Reading Plusä  for Adults & Students (in Columbus, Ohio and Summer Speed Reading for Teens

We provide adults and teens the expert coaching necesPreparing for the MCAT with speed readingsary to change the lifetime habit of slow reading in small, regularly scheduled speed reading courses held in Columbus, Ohio.

Our public speed reading courses provide skills for teenage and adult students who are preparing for success by helping them reach their education and career goals. Our week long courses and weekend classes are convenient for locals and those visiting us from out of town.
New--a half day workshop to increase the productivity of the people who don't have the time to save time!

Our Special Summer Speed Reading Classes are open to Speedreading improves reading comprehension in the classroom and on standardized tests.students entering 7th grade through graduating seniors. Students get a life time skill and are prepared to excel in AP courses, on ACT, SAT, OGT tests and for all their career and education goals.

Equally beneficial for the reluctant reader who needs more confidence as well as for the very busy excellent student who needs more time.

You Will Learn to:

  • Instantaneously pinpoint what you need to read.
  • Increase your reading speed at least 300-500% while improving your comprehension, recall and retention.
  • Learn a system for mastering textbooks and technical documents.
  • Use the note taking part of that system to organize the information to study for exams, combine lecture notes with textbook information, take essay exams, write reports, papers, and make presentations.
Gain confidence and the competitive edge for a lifetime.
Summer Speed Reading Courses for Teens

Read Faster to Understand Moreä  Introductory Seminars--Check us out at one of our one hour forty-five minute. Learn to read 100 words per minute faster immediately and find out if a full speed reading course is right for you!

Corporate, Government, and Military Speed ReaBusiness people benefit from learning to speedreadding Plusä Technical Reading and Writing Classes & Read Faster to Understand Moreä Association Seminars (at your location).

Have us come to YOUR FACILITY.  We will tailor our program to meet your needs and specific interests.  Our corporate Speed Reading Plusä courses are typically 6, 9, or 12-hours in length (can be split into 2, 3, or 4 sessions). They are ideal for your staff members who have a great deal of information to process to be effective in their jobs--increasing their personal productivity and department profitability.

GSA Advantage
Learn more and read our
Capability Statement

They will be able to shrink three hours of reading down to one with better comprehension and more efficient writing skills.  Our classes have a huge ROI for corporations; for the military they are mission critical as gathering crucial information rapidly with increased accuracy is essential to our security.  There have been recent articles written about the importance of seeing the big picture to avoid mistakes that are made when only the details are looked at.  Our courses teach how to do that.

Our "Reading Faster to Understand Moreä" Seminars range fromSpeedreading seminars are perfect for continuing education and training curriculum. 1.5 hour to 4 hours and are a dynamically different choice for your professional conferences and meetings.  

During your training, attendees will learn to read faster and understand more.  They will be able to:

  • Instantly screen material for its value--find answers for clients and delete emails with confidence!
  • Learn the techniques speedreaders use--rapidly absorb E-mail, books, correspondence, and publications.
  • Realize an immediate 20% to 500% or more increase* in reading rates and achieve greater gains with practice (*increase depends on length of workshop) with an increase in comprehension and recall.
  • Layer information for enhanced speed, recall and retention.
  • And in our longer courses:  Master technical reading and organize the information for later use--writing documents, proposals and papers more effectively and efficiently, making presentations, or preparing for professional exams.
  • We are CCR registered and can accept EFTs.
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888-524-0012 or click here to request a quote.


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